CE 32600: Transportation Planning (Fall 2015, Fall 2016 & Spring 2017)
This is an introductory-level undergraduate course in transportation planning. The course introduces fundamental modeling concepts and includes discussion of the broad policy context for transportation planning. Focus areas include federal requirements for transportation planning; basic concepts in highway, public, non-motorized, and freight; the broader environmental, social, and economic impacts of transportation planning; travel demand modeling; and engineering economics

CE I2800: Transit Systems Planning & Operations (Spring 2015 & Fall 2016)
This is a graduate course that covers the fundamental principles of public transportation systems planning and operations.  Topics include transit data sources, stop and station design, rail and bus capacity, service planning, long term planning, fare technology and policy, and transit information and marketing. The materials for this course were developed by Jeff LaMondia, Kari Watkins and Candace Brakewood.

CE H0200: Transportation Economics (Fall 2014 & Spring 2016)
This is a graduate course that covers theory and applications of demand and economics of transportation systems.  Topics include pricing, cost modeling, demand modeling, regulation, and project evaluation. Examples from the public transit, road, freight and airline industries are presented.